A Therapist, A Buddhist, and You

Undercover Hitman to Healer: A Cop's Journey to Counseling First Responders

March 27, 2023 Luke DeBoy & Zaw Maw Episode 11
A Therapist, A Buddhist, and You
Undercover Hitman to Healer: A Cop's Journey to Counseling First Responders
Show Notes

In this episode, we have a fascinating conversation with George Forsythe, a retired police detective who has taken on a new role as a first responder therapist. George shares his incredible journey from being held at gunpoint as an undercover hitman and hostage negotiator to becoming a counselor, traumatologist, and addiction specialist, where he is now helping his fellow first responders cope with the unique challenges they face.

During the interview, George talks about his previous pain and anguish, which directly led to his passion and purpose for transitioning from law enforcement to mental health care. He highlights the uniqueness of addressing trauma within the first responder community. He sheds light on the stigma surrounding mental health in law enforcement and shares his insights into how we can break down these barriers.

George's story is one of redemption and purpose, as he continues to advocate for mental health care in the first responder community and help those who serve and protect our communities every day. Take advantage of this inspiring and thought-provoking conversation. Tune in to the podcast now!

George Forsythe

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