A Therapist, A Buddhist, and You

The Addiction Recovery Blueprint: The Perfect Equation for Success

April 16, 2023 Luke DeBoy & Zaw Maw Episode 14
A Therapist, A Buddhist, and You
The Addiction Recovery Blueprint: The Perfect Equation for Success
Show Notes

In this episode, Luke DeBoy (Therapist & Founder) and Zaw Maw (Theravada Buddhist Practitioner & Coach) delve into the blueprint for addiction recovery success. The hosts introduce "the equation" and break down each component to provide a clear understanding of how each element contributes to the overall equation.

The conversation highlights the importance of gaining insight into one's addiction and how it functions. The hosts discuss various treatment options and their effectiveness in addressing addiction. They also emphasize the crucial role of taking action and changing one's behavior and lifestyle to support a successful recovery.

The episode offers practical insights and advice on daily implementing the Recovery Blueprint equation. It provides listeners with a tangible plan for addiction recovery success and emphasizes the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to recovery.

Overall, this episode provides a valuable resource for anyone struggling with addiction and seeking a clear path to recovery or family and loved ones trying to understand addiction patterns and solutions. The hosts bring their therapy, coaching, and Buddhism expertise to provide listeners with a holistic perspective on addiction recovery. Tune in to learn more about the Addiction Recovery Blueprint and how it can help you achieve lasting recovery.

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